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This budget will prove to be lifeline for real estate, if the government keeps these things in mind

The apprehension of recession since Corona has worked to put brakes on the growth of this sector. In such a situation, it is expected from the government that it will make some big provisions in the budget to bring boom in this sector.If any sector has suffered the most during the Corona period, then one of them is real estate. This is the first budget after Corona, when the government is presenting the...

Will Mumbai be lucky in 2022 and Delhiites in 2023? You will be shocked to hear this news.

Pune: The Mumbai region accounted for the maximum number of 1.26 lakh units of houses to be completed in the year 2022. Only 70,500 houses were ready in the year 2021 in Mumbai. If you have booked a house in 7 metros of the country like Delhi Mumbai, Pune Hyderabad then there is good news for you. In 2022, the construction of houses has increased in these 7 cities and more than 4 lakh new houses have been...

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